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How To Reclaim VAT

Welcome to our first blog posting. I thought it might be a good idea to give a bit of information on how our process works.

Modern House

The Process

There are basically 4 processes for us to reclaim your VAT.

Process 1 - Instruct us to act on your behalf.

Once you begin your self build you can start to think about instructing us to act on your behalf to reclaim eligible VAT on the materials you have purchased throughout the build. This is normally a stressful time as you have a mountain of decisions to make on a daily basis and keeping a track of all VAT is an additional hassle most of our clients can do without.

There are 3 stages in which we can be instructed to act - At the beginning of your build, during your build or on completion. There is no preferred stage from our point of view although clients who instruct us early on are able to gain more advise as the build goes on, especially when it comes to builders and tradesmen charging VAT.

After you complete the instruction to act form we check it to confirm you are eligible to reclaim VAT based on the answers you provide. We will at that stage contact you by email and confirm that the paperwork is complete and an account has been opened. We will also include a copy of our Welcome Pack which gives more details about the documents and invoices we require.

Process 2 - Send us your documents & invoices.

Once you have received our email confirming your project is eligible for a VAT reclaim we will require you to send us all the invoices relating to your build and also some documentation.

The full list of documents are:

+ Original invoices - HMRC will not accept copies.

+ A copy of the planning permission

+ A set of plans

+ The completion certificate (or acceptable alternative)

more details about the required documents are included in the welcome pack.

To begin your refund claim we only need our instruction to act form and your invoices. The other documents can be sent out at a later stage if you have yet to receive them.

If you instruct us either before the build commences or during the build we recommend sending your invoices quarterly. We will be able to raise any issues with incorrectly charged VAT and also incomplete invoices which would result in HMRC rejecting them.

Process 3 - Check eligible invoices and documentation.

No matter what stage your build is, you will get the following service once you send us your invoices:

+ Sorting all original invoices to make sure they are eligible for VAT Reclaim

+ Notifying you if an invoice is incomplete and requires additional information  

+ Emailing a spreadsheet breakdown of all invoices prior to submitting of application for approval. This will include a list of eligible, non-eligible and incomplete invoices.

+ Completion of all paperwork required for your application

+ Checking all invoices and required documentation is correct before submitting application to HMRC

+ Backup of all invoices prior to sending to HMRC

+ Delivery of all paperwork to HMRC by secure delivery

+ Liaise with HMRC throughout your application and answer any queries raised.

If you instruct before or during your build we will update the spreadsheet after every batch of invoices are received.

Process 4 - Submit your application to HMRC

After we receive all the invoices and documents we will be ready to prepare the application form for HMRC. Most of the information will already be with us on the instruction to act form you filled in at the beginning of the process, however will will require your bank details as we always instruct HMRC to pay you directly.

Once we complete the relevant documentation we will send you a form which requires a signature of all applicants. At this time you can also send us any documentation which we still require, usually the completion certificate.

After receiving the signed form we will check everything is correct and then submit the application to HMRC.


Upon completion of your application we will return all invoices back to you by courier.

More information can be found here -


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