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Couple and Builder

About Claim It Back VAT Refunds

Who are we?

If you have got to this point you probably already know we are a family run business based in Lincolnshire that specialises solely in reclaiming VAT for clients who have built or converted their own home.


We are Wayne, Lorraine & George Turner. We are son and parents who have been involved in the build and renovation scene for over 15 years. Like many others, we began watching programmes like Grand Designs & Property Ladder which ignited our interest in the world of property renovation and self build. It came with many trials and tribulations but ultimately it gave us incredible pride in achievement to see the finished 'product'. It also gave us immeasurable years of experience, but as the years went by and parents became older the hard graft began to take its toll and we decided to move in a different direction. That direction ultimately ended up with us starting Claim It Back VAT Refunds. 

Building a House

What do we do?

Building your own home for most people is a dream come true, not only can you design something suitable for your day to day living and lifestyle but you can also get a higher specified house than you would find on a large developer site. Another benefit of building your own home is the ability under the DIY Housebuilders Scheme to recover VAT on most building materials you have purchased throughout your build or conversion potentially saving you £1000's and that is where we come in. As mentioned already we specialise in preparing and submitting the application to HMRC for a VAT refund on your behalf. Our experience and knowledge of what can and can not be claimed for can help you recover more than you initially thought. We also make sure all paperwork conforms to HMRC requirements before submitting, again saving you £1000's in lost VAT because of incorrect paperwork or incorrectly charged VAT.


We do everything that is required to get you your refund from HMRC. We sort out all invoices, complete all paperwork and deal with HMRC from submission to completion. 

Areas covered:




Northern Ireland

We can start the process no matter what stage your self build is at. All applications for a refund need to be submitted to HMRC within 3 months of obtaining your proof of completion document.

Please use the menu in the top right corner to navigate around our site. If you require any information you can call us on 01427 839333 or send us an email at

Begin your VAT reclaim process with
Claim It Back VAT Refunds. 

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